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2022-2023 Registration

Informational Links

Click here for general information Calendar, Fees, Class Descriptions, etc....

Click here to view our 2022 Informational Parent Slideshow


⭐ Click here to view our 2022 Parent Informational 

(Approximately 1 hour)

Registration Links

⭐ Click here to complete a short class selection form for MOVEMENT MONDAYS

Please complete 1 form for each child

⭐ Click here to complete a short class selection form for TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS

Please complete 1 form for each child

⭐ Click here to complete the enrollment paperwork via DocuSign.  This can be done via any device (smart phone, laptop, desktop, tablet).  A copy of the completed document will be emailed to you upon completion.

***Due to the nature of our Non-Profit limited access plan with DocuSign, we please ask you to save the registration paperwork and use the link they email you to complete the paperwork in lieu of going back to this page to access a new DocuSign document. 

To do this, when you open the DocuSign Enrollment Packet button (above), in the upper right corner of the DocuSign, you will see this first image  below.  Click 'got it', then click on 'Finish Later'.  Lastly you will enter in your email address when prompted (second image below).  DocuSign will send a personalized link for you to access your paperwork to complete at your connivence.  It will also save your progress so you won't have to start over.  Plese check spam or junk folders too.

Thank you for your assistance on this registration step.

⭐If you are signing up more than 1 child please print, complete, and return the additional 'Student Information' sheet 

Please email to

⭐ Payments must be received by August 1st.  Payments can be made via Check, Credit Card via PayPal.  *Our little non-profit operates on an extremely tight budget to keep our tuition low.  We are assessed BIG fees by PayPal if you pay by credit card and/or request the business buyer protection.  We would much prefer a check, or if you pay by credit card, please add in the 3% credit card transaction fee that we get charged.

Please make checks out to:

Golden Star Ed. Services

PO Box 295, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Credit Card, Bank and Paypal Payments

We are looking forward to learning with your children !

With Gratitude,

The GSES Team

Alyssa Unger and Genevieve Land

Golden Star Director and Golden Star Administrator

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