Golden Star Educational Services


COVID-19 Phased Classes

Thank you for your interest in Golden Star classes. Like you, we are parents who can’t wait to have our children back in school for the joy of being together with their friends and learning face to face. At this time with the state and county mandates we will be starting our fully virtual.  We have developed phases so that we can easily transition to our ideal face to face classes at local parks.


Here are our classes and the phases for reopening fully in person.


  • Phase One - Starts August 31st- For our current and new homeschoolers, choose from our many classes and throw in some tutoring if you wish! Students and families will stay safe while being social and having fun while learning. For Public School Homework help, Golden Star teachers will meet with a Constellation Cluster of Stars and they will learn together the content, sharing with each other, partnering up in break out rooms. One on one time with their teacher will help them understand what they are doing, bond, and be accountable for finishing and turning in their assignment. We are there to help you busy parents! 


  • Phase Two - Starts when we are allowed to meet in person outside with some health protocols. We will have fun learning hands-on with our friends and playing games during breaks like pool noodle tag and heads-up! This may coincide with Hermosa or Da Vinci opening their schools for hybrid learning. Having groups already formed and the students familiar with their teachers would be ideal leading into this phase.

  • Phase Three - Once the city gets their go ahead from the county and opens up their classrooms for us to rent, we will return to our signature classes with a blend of small group learning, outdoor and indoor activities, homework support, and small groups learning with hands and heart in mind!