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Jennifer Stenta

Teacher, Artist

Hi everyone! I am Jennifer Stenta, mom to a bright and beautiful 10 year old son, wife of a furniture maker and owner of Sequoia Blue Arts children’s art studio. I was born and raised in the Midwest but have spent my entire adult life in the Southbay. We currently live in Redondo Beach with our two sweet, but crazy French Bulldogs.


I am passionate about Art education and have spent the past six years volunteering in the Redondo Beach School System to help ensure that our children have access to art.  Last year, I officially left my corporate position as an advertising executive to open my own art studio for children and devote myself full time to my passion.


I believe in introducing children to new techniques, giving them quality materials and exposing them to art projects based on engaging subjects.  Giving children the opportunity to emulate the style of famous artists, immerse themselves in new cultures and experience new techniques and materials can really push their creative boundaries. I love guiding children along a path, whether it be a directed drawing, an interesting technique or a new medium, and seeing where they take it and how they make it their own.


I am thrilled to be joining Alyssa and the team at Golden Star and incredibly excited to be creating with your children!

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