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Genevieve C. Friend

Founding Board Member, Treasurer, Secretary
& Business Administrator

 The largest room in the world is the room to learn and grow!

I grew up on the East Coast in NY and Connecticut.  As a child, in school, concepts were not clear and I always 'just managed' to get by.  I wasn't diagnosed with ADD until the later part of High School.  After graduating high school I attended a post graduate crash course year on catch up fundamental skills that I missed throughout my earlier years of learning.


I really learned how to learn while attending and earning an Associates degree from Landmark College in Putney, VT.  It was during this valuable time I knew my full potential and mastered self reflection, adaptive learning and success!

I continued on with my education obtaining a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Management, graduating with honors!.  I have applied my skills in various industries including:  Hotel Guest Relations, Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Proposal Writing.

After having my own 3 children, I became an 'accidental homeschooler' and immediately fell in love with the creativity and 'make it your own' way of teaching.  As I teach and watch my children grown, I also grow with them.  Together we take a wonderful educational journey together.  There is no 'one size fits all' learning and I am very lucky to have such great educational choices for my family.

Part of my family also includes animals.  We currently have 2 cats and have fostered and placed almost 3 dozen cats and kittens into their forever homes.  I have a passion for animals having owned many dogs and horses as well.

I am excited to work with Alyssa and Golden Star Educational Services!

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